"Forever Overhead" — David Foster Wallace

“Forever Overhead” — David Foster Wallace

“Forever Overhead”


David Foster Wallace

Happy Birthday. Your thirteenth is important. Maybe your first really public day. Your thirteenth is the chance for people to recognize that important things are happening to you.

Things have been happening to you for the past half year. You have seven hairs in your left armpit now. Twelve in your right. Hard dangerous spirals of brittle black hair.…

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Happy Labor Day

September 1st, 1848 | From Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Note-Books

September 1st, 1848 | From Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Note-Books

Thursday, September 1st.–Mr. Thoreau dined with us yesterday… . He is a keen and delicate observer of nature,–a genuine observer,–which, I suspect, is almost as rare a character as even an original poet; and Nature, in return for his love, seems to adopt him as her especial child, and shows him secrets which few others are allowed to witness. He is familiar with beast, fish, fowl, and…

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White Wines, a Three Act Play by Gertrude Stein

White Wines, a Three Act Play by Gertrude Stein



Gertrude Stein

(from Geography and Plays)

All together.
House to house.
(5 women)

All together.

Cunning very cunning and cheap, at that rate a sale is a place to use type writing. Shall we go home.
Cunning, cunning, quite cunning, a block a strange block is filled with choking.
Not too cunning, not cunning enough for wit and a stroke and careless laughter, not…

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