2. "I stole a book" (Clarice Lispector)

    “I stole a book” (Clarice Lispector)

    The moment her aunt went to pay for her purchases, Joana removed the book and slipped it furtively between the others she was carrying under her arm. Her aunt turned pale.

    Once in the street, the woman chose her words carefully:

    — Joana.. . Joana, I saw you…

    Joana gave her a quick glance. She remained silent.

    — But you have nothing to say for yourself? — her aunt could no longer restrain herself,…

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  4. “Killing yourself makes just as little sense as continuing to live does” (Thomas Bernhard)

    Douglas Robertson, who runs the blog The Philosophical Worldview Artist, has for some time been translating a selection of Thomas Bernhard’s interviews, reviews, and letters into English on his blog.


  7. Dan Brown being humiliated by Herman Melville in a game of crazy golf

    Dan Brown being humiliated by Herman Melville in a game of crazy golf as requested by @i_am_mill_i_am #WorldBookNight http://t.co/hk73OtSq8k
    Jim’ll Paint It (@Jimllpaintit) April 23, 2014

    Although embedding a tweet into a WordPress post sets an unfavorable precedent, I cannot not share this.

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  11. Riff on William Shakespeare

    Riff on William Shakespeare

    1. William Shakespeare, the Greatest Living American Author, turns 450 today.

    2. (There may be some, uh, factual, problems with the preceding sentence, but I’ll let it stand).

    3. (After all, to write after Shakespeare requires some gall, a bit of fakery, maybe an outright lie or two).

    4. 450! (Could I even hit a 450 points on a riff?)

    5. “Shakespeare invented us,” Harold Bloom repeatedly insists…

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