1. Eggs à la Nabocoque

    Eggs à la Nabocoque

    Vladimir Nabokov’s recipe for eggs (à la Nabocoque, natch)–

    Boil water in a saucepan (bubbles mean it is boiling!). Take two eggs (for one person) out of the refrigerator. Hold them under the hot tap water to make them ready for what awaits them.

    Place each in a pan, one after the other, and let them slip soundlessly into the (boiling) water. Consult your wristwatch. Stand over them with a spoon…

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    Jean-François Martin

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  4. fantagraphics:


    From Stupid Tales of Wolverine, published in 2010 and now a notable lost work, and like most lost things, good riddance.

    Julia Gfrörer

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  5. "The Easter Fires" (From Frazer’s The Golden Bough)

    “The Easter Fires” (From Frazer’s The Golden Bough)

    A passage Sir James George Frazer’s The  Golden Bough:

    The Easter Fires

    ANOTHER occasion on which these fire-festivals are held is Easter Eve, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. On that day it has been customary in Catholic countries to extinguish all the lights in the churches, and then to make a new fire, sometimes with flint and steel, sometimes with a burning-glass. At this fire is lit the…

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  8. Fiction cannot be reduced to mere falsehood (William T. Vollmann)

    Fiction cannot be reduced to mere falsehood (William T. Vollmann)

    Most literary critics agree that fiction cannot be reduced to mere falsehood. Well-crafted protagonists come to life, pornography causes orgasms, and the pretense that life is what we want it to be may conceivably bring about the desired condition. Hence religious parables, socialist realism, Nazi propaganda. And if this story likewise crawls with reactionary supernaturalism, that might be…

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  11. And doesn’t the parable possess greater integrity? (William T. Vollmann)

    And doesn’t the parable possess greater integrity? (William T. Vollmann)

    And doesn’t the parable possess greater integrity, greater righteousness we might almost say, than any other literary form? For its many conventions weave a holy covenant between the reader, who gets the mystification he craves in a bonbon-sized dose, and the writer, whose absence renders him divine. Granted, those very stringencies sometimes telescope events into dreamlike absurdity.


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    Blow Up - Shintaro Kago

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  13. RIP Gabriel García Márquez

    RIP Gabriel García Márquez, 1927-2014 Gabo the Giant is dead. Long live the Giant.